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About Valencia

Valencia is an excellent fresh European travel destination. This city has everything for a quality holiday - plenty of sights from over 2000 years of history, stunning ultra-modern architecture projects, active cultural life, excellent local and international gastronomy, unique nightlife, good beaches, preserved traditional culture and well-developed tourist infrastructure. And all this in an unpretentious, warm, friendly and welcoming environment.


12 Good Reasons to Come to Valencia
It is suprising that Valencia is still not over-run by crowds

General Info
A few words on Valencia's population, language, economy and political status

Valencian Identity
An introduction to the unique Valencian Identity

History of Valencia
Over 2000 years of history

Weather and Climate
What to expect at different times of the year

The Valencians
A few words about the people of Valencia


Basic Orientation
A very important page on the basics of finding your way around the city. Spend 5-10 minutes and save yourself hours!

Hours in Valencia
Another very important page on when places open and when they don't. Be prepared and save yourself wasted trips.

Safety in Valencia
A few words on safe travelling.

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