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Valencian Identity

Valencia has its own cultural identity which many Valencians are proud of.

Being on the Mediterranean coast, half way between pragmatic North and relaxed South has created a unique character which I will leave for you to speculate upon yourself. Many foreigners find this a perfect blend.

The traditional culture, like anywhere else, is preserved in classical ways:

Language - the Valencians have their own Valenciano

Festivals - the Valencians have a number of traditional fiestas complete with unique traditional costumes, music and rituals. These fiestas are still the highlight of the year for many Valencians

Clothes - although in XXI century noone would wear traditional clothes daily, the Valencians worhsip their gorgeous and elaborate costumes (some of which cost many thousands euros) and frequently show them off at large and small fiestas.

Artesan - Valencia is famous for its traditional ceramics and you will see it in many places in the city. Again, this is not to show off to the tourists, this is what Valencia is.

Gastronomy - Valencia has its own cuisine crowned with paella

History - the Valencian government is seriously engaged in displaying Valencia's contribution to arts, sciences and history in various museums and exhibitions.

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