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12 Good Reasons to Come to Valencia, Span

Valencia is steadily emerging as a new popular weekend / holiday destination. It has experienced 10 consecutive years of growth in tourism and this is just the beginning. Cheap airlines have arrived, the word is spreading all over the world. Why? Well, the question is rather why did it not happen before? Consider:

1. The Historic Centre

Valencia has a totally stunning and compact old town centre, packed with gorgeous buildings, historic sights, squares, gardens, museums and charming little streets. It is a total delight to get lost in it and soak up the atmosphere. The Historic Centre bears the marks of 2000 years, in a spectacular mix of Roman, Muslim and Christian civilizations.

2. The Space Age Architecture

The wold famous futuristic City of Arts and Sciences is an unbelievable thing to see. This is truly new millenium tourism. But it doesn't end here - walking through Valencia you will see a whole lot of ultra-modern, breath-taking, futuristic architecture. The contrast of gothic, baroque and classical living side by side with the space age.

3. The Culture

Valencia is packed with museums, theatres, art galleries and fairs. The local government is passionate about promoting culure and constantly puts on new arts projects, culture events and festivals. There is always something going on in Valencia, always a pleasant surprise.

4. Valencian Identity and Traditions

For an ethnologically-minded traveller Valencia offers its unique cultural identity. Valencia is not another Spanish city. It has always considered itself a state within a state, it has held on to its own unique traditions and they are still very much alive, in the 21st century. And you can observe them all around you.

5. People

Half way down the coast, Valencia combines northern pragmatism with southern openness and hospitality. You can expect friendliness and welcome, yet your comfort will be ensured. The people here are unpretentious and open-hearted.

6. Food

For a food traveller, Valencia has its on cuisine. Mainly it is famous for being the original birthplace of paella, and here you can enjoy many different kinds of it. But there is also a whole range of other unique dishes. Eating out is a must.

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7. Nightlife

Valencia has a very lively nightlife and you are ensured a good night out in a friendly and homely ambience. Nightlife here is more than just a good party - it is a cultural experience as Valencian nightlife is unique in many different ways, and as such famous throughout Spain.

8. Fiestas

The Valencians, as said above, are passionate about keeping to their traditions. The utmost expression of those traditions are the numerous Fiestas throughout the year, culminating with internationally famous Las Fallas. You will be treated to a whole range of spectacular and colourful experiences.

9. The Beach

Valencia is also a beach city. While you have all those sights, and culture, and wondering around, to fill your lesiure to the limit, you can always just drop down to the beach and relax under the sun. For a city beach, Valencian beach is of very good quality but if you are looking for something more tranquil - there are plenty of places within a very short distance of Valencia

10. The weather

And all of this can be enjoyed in a gorgeous Mediterranean climate, when just walking around is a pure pleasure

11. Genuine

The best thing about all of the above is that none of it is for show, none of it is a tourist commodity. All of that is what the native Valencians live in, this is what they do, whether you are there or not. What you see here is real, it is a glimpse of another culture, a real and beautiful life, rather than a show for your money.

12. Unpretentious

And, considering that, it is suprising how unpretentious Valencia is, and this is the best thing about it. Many destinations would have long become arrogant and spoilt, with tourist ghettos separated from the natives. Here, as soon as you step off your plane you are immediately in the thick of genuine Valencian life where people are proud of their heritage just because this is how they are and they have a lot to be proud of. But they are delighted to see your interest and many will gladly help you.

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