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Safety in Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a Mediterranean city and it gets its share of petty crime. However, violence is extremely rare in Valencia.

Generally, Valencia is a very safe city, surprisingly so - for its size. Even the petty crime is low. However, do exercise caution with some of the areas we mention on this page.


There is some theft in Valencia and you should take care of your possessions, particularly in Carmen and the beach. Everyone here takes theft precautions seriously, and so should you. Just like in any other city.

The bicycle theft is particularly bad - being pretty much the definition of "crime in Valencia". Do use extreme precautions when leaving a bike unattended.

You can totally relax in Valencia, as long as you don't act silly with your possessions.

Some areas do have a slightly sketchy feel, but it is nothing more than that - just a feel. There is no danger. Here they are


Some parts of the Malvarossa neighbourhood right behind the Malvarossa beach do have a darker reputation and you should probably avoid walking too much through it unless you are an experienced backpacker and know how to navigate in such environment. Still, it would be just an unpleasant experience rather than danger. This is why many resources will recommend you taking the tram or a taxi to the beach.


Cabanyal can be very pleasant to walk in, particularly the south side, recently done up for the America's Cup. The area North of the Cabanyal Train Station, however, (at level with the end of Blasco Ibanez) has some streets squatted by Gitanos (Gypsies) and can feel very deserted, dirty and unpleasant. You may experience some begging or you may be offered drugs but violent incidents are unknown. It will be very obvious when you come accross a street like this so dont worry about finding out where they are.


There are a few beggars and thiefs throughout Carmen, but almost non-existent compared to other cities. Some publications, like Lonely Planet, state that the area close to Plaza de Carmen gets very seedy. This is an exaggeration. It certainly gets more run-down and alternative (since this is the heartleand of alternative / bohemian Carmen) but it is in no way a safety concern. The carmen square itself gets busy at night with young kids who can't enter age-restricted bars, but they are doing nothing more than socialising. You may meet some scruffy characters, beggars and you may be offered drugs, but it is not in any way dangerous. In fact, if you are young, opend-minded and scruffy you may well enjoy that part thoroughly

Turia River

While it is a great promenade by day, where everyone enjoys the atmosphere, it is not recommended to walk in the Turia gardens after dark. Turia is a very large garden and at night it becomes a very large dark garden.

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