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Weather and Climate in Valencia, Spain

Note: due to the finally tangible Global Warming all the previous trends layed out on this page are more unpredictable today.


Valencia is on the Mediterranean Sea, so you can enjoy mild Mediterranean climate


The humidity is quite high, especially felt in the summer, with June and July the heaveist and August slightly lighter.


From November to February it gets cool with some quite cold weeks. The end of February and the beginning of November can still be quite warm, but at other times do take a warm jacket, gloves etc. That said, the Global Warming is in full swing and 2007's New Year's Day saw quite a few people sunbathing on the beach, in 20-25 degrees. The temperature gets close to zero extremely rarely and usually stays at around 7-10 degrees Celcius.

From March to October it is definitely warm and the temperatures alternate between slightly cold and very warm. The heat comes in around the middle of May and stays to the end of September, with very high temperatures (up to 35-40 degrees Celcius) and humidity.


Rain is rare in Valencia. If it does happen it doesn't usually stay long. Rain can take any form from a brief tropical downpour to a few drops. It is very unpredictable in when it starts and how long it will last. The usual times for rain are end of September - October and March - April.


The Sun is pretty much always here.


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