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Working / Opening Hours in Valencia, Spain

The Siesta

The siesta is still very much respected in Valencia. The hours vary: some places close 1.30-4.30, some 2pm-5pm, there are more variations. The only way to really make sure you won't be faced with a closed door is to arrive before 1pm or after 5pm. The siesta is respected by following:

All small businesses
Small supermarkets

Opening hours vary greatly too - some shops will open at 7.30 am while most won't until 10 am.
The closing time is usually 7.30 - 8 pm.

Large supermarkets, megastores and shopping malls are usually open throught the day without the break - until 9 - 12 pm

The places that traditionally work through the siesta are the ones serving food, for obvious reasons.

In short - expect everything to be closed 1.30-4.30pm, apart from places that serve food or large mega shopping places.

So get up early, get tired, spend the siesta eating, relaxing and perhaps walking around some pretty places that don't depend on people, and get ready for the second round of daily city life.


Most restaurants open during the siesta with a slight shift counterclock wise, .i.e normally 1.30-2pm to 4-4.30pm. They will then reopen only at 8-9pm and close at around midnight.

So what do you do if you are hungry?

That's what the tapas bars are for - these usually work good 14 hours a day or so - from about 10 to about midnight.


Cafe-bars will work throughout the day. More nightlife-focused bars will start opening at around 7-8pm, but will not get busy until midnight or later.

Bars will close at 1.30-2 am
Disco-bars will close between 3.30 and 4 am
Nightclubs will close at 7-8am and some won't open until 2-3 am


Cinemas don't start running until 4-5 pm in the afternoon


Banks are open 9 am to 2 pm and closed Sat and Sun


Weekends in Valencia are sacred and many places close. You can expect pretty much everything to be closed on Sundays, apart from museums, some bigger superstores and shopping malls, cinemas, bars and eating places. It is customary to have shorter days on Sundays - the places open slightly later and close much earlier.

Saturdays have more shops and entertainment open but most small non-weekend related businesses do close.

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