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32nd America's Cup - Valencia, Spain, 2007

Overview of 32nd America's Cup - Back in EuropeThe 32nd America's Cup is an exciting one in many ways.

The Louis Vuitton Act structure has been modified to provide more spectacle up until the America's Cup, and also to make it that much more tense - since the new points structure can turn the tables any time.

You could read curious facts and in-depth info on the 32nd as well as the history of the Cup on Americas-Cup-Valencia (external link)

The yachts in the 32nd America's Cup are promising to awe with deisgn innovations.

The America's Cup Port, built by Valencia City has a complete leisure infrastructure with lots of things to do in a luxurious and elegant ambience, plus a large marina for your yacht.

And it is the first time the America's Cup returns to Europe since the beginning! An entirely historic moment. Will it stay?

The fans won't need to be explained what the America's Cup is all about, how it works and how the Queen got told that there is no second.

On this site we mainly aim to help with the practicalities of watching the 32nd America's Cup in Valencia:

  • A quick breakdown of regatta dates
  • A list of teams participating in the 32nd America's Cup
  • How to watch 32nd America's Cup in Valencia - what's in place
  • America's Cup related entertainment in place - games, museum, etc
  • The map and explanation of the Port infrastructure
  • How to find accommodation for your 32nd America's Cup stay.
  • Where to eat
  • Where to party at night
  • Where to do shopping, including official 32nd America's Cup merchandise.
  • How to see the rest of the city from here

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