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America's Cup Port - Valencia, Spain

The America's Cup Port is a little city of its own, built by Valencia City especially for the 32nd America's Cup. It is an elegant, ultra-modern complex with lots of luxuries, fun activities, leisure area, restaurants, bars, services, shops and marinas.

View the map of the America's Cup Port on the America's Cup Website.

The Marina of the America's Cup Port

America's Cup Port (Puerto Copa America) in ValenciaThe America’s Cup Port includes two marinas – around 750 places all together – plus a super-yacht marina in the heart of the port – 42 places. The security is tight so you need not worry. What’s more – every time the 32nd America's Cup teams leave their bases for a race they will have to sail through the marinas. And then you can tag along after them. There will be a 200 metres perimeter around the 32nd America's Cup racing area, which is close enough for a good view. Contact the Port to make your booking for a place in the marinas. If you are late don’t worry – there are plenty more marinas in and around Valencia, you can find many of them on the internet.

The America's Cup Team Bases

The 32nd America's Cup teams bases are stationed right in the heart of the America's Cup Port, in full view of the public. Every time the teams go out to see they will pass very close to the crowds, for a good cheer.

The America's Cup Park

America's Cup Port hosts a large leisure Park where you will find all kinds of America's Cup related entetainment and exhibitions, plus a good choice of upmarket shops, restaurants and bars. There are also plenty of activities for the kids. The heart of the park hold the big screen on which the 32nd America's Cup races will be watched.

Services during the 32nd America's Cup

The port will provide internal transport (aquabus to cross the waters, tram, bicycle rental), plenty of information points with maps to take away, medical facilities, America's Cup spectator boats and concerts / events.

Entrances to the America's Cup Port

There are three pedestrian entrances to the America's Cup Port, marked with in "I" information Point on the map - one on the beach, one behind it in Paseo Neptuno, and one at the end of the Avenida del Puerto (the main entrance). They are very visible, due to a bright orange pyramid tent outside each entrance.

Vehicles should enter the through the Nazaret entrance, on the South-Western side of the America's Cup Port (far left on the map). The entrance is clearly signposted on the roads in the vicinity, and in all of Valencia for that matter.


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