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Playa las Arenas / Cabanyal - City Beach in Valencia

The southern part of the beach is a leisure area for promenades, events, restaurants, bars and hotels. The northern part becomes more of a beach itself, gradually evolving into the Malvarossa beach.

Playa (Beach) de Las Arenas and Cabanyal - in Valencia, SpainThis beach is the start of the beachline in the Valencia city itself. The beach joins with the walls of America's Cup Port, it is the closest, the most built-up and the most accessible to the city, and as such it is the official city beach for activities and events, so to speak. Meaning it is more of a backdrop for leisure activities and events, rather than the place for sunbathing crowds.

Whenever there is a sports event on the beach, or a public event (e.g. the Night Landing of the Moors during the Feria de Julio) it happens here.

This beachline is also popular with promenades - for a romantic sunset watching with a special one or socialising with a group of friends. The luxurious alley of Paseo Maritimo facilitates that. In the summer the alley also hosts a market to buy clothes, accessories and souvenirs.

The Playa de las Arenas is also a famous gastronomical reference point. A good half of it is lined with restaurants, typically Valencian to the bone. Here you find some names famous nationwide, like Pepica. This beach is where you are sent to try genuine Valencian paella.

Amonst the restaurants are also a few bars and cocktail lounges, such as Vivir sin Dormir and Cabbana Beach.

The only hotels on the whole beachline are situated here, in the Playa de las Arenas, including the 5-6 star spa giant Las Arenas.

Naturally, some people do choose to spread out in the Sun on the sands of this beach, but it is not as popular as further along. usually people choose this stretch for a walk or a game on the sand.

Las Arenas blends into Playa de Cabanyal. Here, you already notice the crowds. The Cabanyal beach, in turn, gradually evolves into the Playa de Malvarossa - the main beach of Valencia.

Playa (Beach) de Las Arenas and Cabanyal - in Valencia, Spain

Getting to Las Arenas / Cabanyal beach:
Walk: Las Arenas is adjacent to the Port, Cabanyal beach 300m further
Bus: 1, 2, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 32
Metro / Tram: Les Arenes (blue line East)


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