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Playa de la Devesa - Nudist Beach Near Valencia, Spain

Of the same supreme quality as El Saler, La Devesa is an uncrowded and undeveloped nudist beach.

La Devesa (sometimes called Dehesa) is a favourite for many. It has all the quality of El Saler - blue flag, clean coastline, fine white sand, dunes, pure blue waters - and none of the crowds. There will still be a fair few people but much fewer than on any other beaches listed by us.

The reason - it's off the beaten track and totally undeveloped. Many get here by car. The ones who don't have to go 10 min further on the bus from El Saler, and walk for another half an hour. However, the walk is gorgeous and can well account for an extra enjoyment of the day. The nature here is a complete package for a day out - first the Albufera Lake, then the lush pine forest, another pretty lake and, finally, the luxurious beach.

La Devesa is a narrower strip with a sharp dune drop and slightly stonger waves.

There is absolutely nothing here. No restaurants, no stalls, no toilets, nothing. Make sure you bring all the food and water with you. For a toilet you will have to run into the pine forest nearby.

At the entry point to La Devesa you have a choice to make. To the left are people in bathing suits, to the right - without. You don't have to be nudist here - you can just go left. But if you are - La Devesa is the genuine nudist beach of Valencia, where the vibe is authentic and there are no annoyances. This works in reverse too - if you come to the nudist part here and remain dressed yourself, this will be frowned upon, unlike in Pinedo.

La Devesa is also popular with the gay community.

Playa (Beach) de La Devesa / Dehesa - a Blue Flag Nudist Beach Near Valencia
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Playa (Beach) de La Devesa / Dehesa - a Blue Flag Nudist Beach Near Valencia
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Getting to La Devesa beach from Valencia: Yellow Bus, then walk:

(See map below) Once you get off the Mirador de Albufera, you will find yourself by the bridge that goes across the channel connecting Albufera and the sea. When you have enjoyed the views on Albufera, walk accross the bridge to its southern end. You will see a road going immediately left, towards the sea. 20 meteres or so down that road, on the right is a very noticeable sign / board marking the start of the pine forest trail to the right. Follow the trail to the end (around 7-10 min). It is a gorgeous forest walk amongst lush pines. The trail will eventually come out onto a desolate road. Turn left and in 20-30 metres you will reach the edge of a small lake directly in front of you. Follow the lake around its right / southern side and then head for the dunes in front of you. The beach is behind those dunes.

Important point: you get back the same way but be aware that the return bus stop is barely noticeable and it isn't opposite the stop you orignally got off at. The return bus stop is on the cross of the main road and the road where the forest trail starts. It is no more than a small gravel patch cleared of growth, with the Herca bus sign in the bushes.

Getting There - Playa (Beach) de La Devesa / Dehesa - a Blue Flag Nudist Beach Near Valencia



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