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General Info for Beaches in Valencia

Beach in ValenciaValencia is truly blessed with beaches. Even the beaches in the city itself are as good as a city beach can get. Wide strips of finest white sand and light breeze under the Mediterranean sun are a luxury you normally don't get in a city. It is incredible how you can be sight-seeing and visiting museums one moment, and the next one you can find yourself on a gorgeous Mediterranean playa.

Further down south of Valencia, at a short bus trip, the beaches get even better. El Saler and La Devesa are blue flag beaches - that is an outstanding quality of the water and the beach.

It isn't even necessary to go out of the city - for a quick beach trip the city beaches are just fine, especially if you like the buzzing atmosphere. For something quieter you should go out of the city.

The water varies. In the city it is a little more polluted, but still fine. Down south, it is gorgeous blue, thus deserving a blue flag status. The water temperature in the summer tends to be quite high.

All of the beaches are made of fine white sand. In the southern beaches the sand retreats against the backdrop of dunes.

The inclination of the sea bed is great - not too deep and not too shallow. The tides, therefore, are barely noticeable.

The sun gets quite strong at midday and until around 4.30pm. It gets dark enough to leave at around 9pm in the summer.

Beach Wear

Unlike in some countries, where wearing boxer shorts is the only acceptable beach wear for a guy, Valencian men are quite exhibitionist, frequently sporting speedos and even thongues. Many also tend to work out for the whole year in the gym just to put those speedos on in the summer.

Valencian women are quite relaxed about the top of the bathing suit. Many will sunbathe topless to avoid the tan lines. If you are a female and you prefer to sunbathe topless, it is perfectly ok to do that on any city beaches in Valencia.

Out of the city, in Pinedo and La Devesa, there are sections for nudists.


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