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Playa de Patacona - City Beach in Valencia, Spain

The Beach of Patacona - the northern part of the city beachline - is still a city beach but it is more spacious and less crowded than Malvarossa.

Separated from Malvarossa beach by a stream with a bridge over it, the Patacona brings a marked difference. The sand strip is much wider, giving a sensation of more space and tranquility. The bridge obstructs the view of the city to the right, taking you further away from the civilisation. The views of the coastline on the left are closer and prettier. The crowds are smaller, while the space is larger.

For all these reasons, Patacona might be the better beach of all the city beaches in Valencia. However, it is a little more further to walk to.

Don't be under an illusion, however, that you will find a desert here. When the whole of Valencia has to come down for a tan, they will invade this strip too. But the crowds will be smaller and the space bigger.

Getting to Patacona beach:
Walk: 2.5 km from the Port
Bus: 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, , 31, 32


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