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Playa de Pinedo - Beach near Valencia, Spain

Pinedo beach is the closest to Valencia and it has a nudist section.

Playa de Pinedo (Pinedo Beach) - a Nudist Beach Near ValenciaPinedo is the closest of the southern beaches. It is the first stop out of the city limits. However, the quality is not nearly as good as that of El Saler, which is only another 5 min down the road by the same bus.

With the El Saler so close, there is no reason to get off here. Pinedo is just as crowded at peak times. However, Pinedo will be of interest to nudists.

Once again, though, Playa de la Devesa is a more attractive option for the nudists but it's another 15 min by bus and 20-30 min on foot. La Devesa is a real nudist beach while Pinedo is mixed. The non-nudist mirones ("starers") have been described as annoying.

However, if you want to go nudist but you don't have time for La Devesa, Pinedo is an acceptable compromise.

Getting to Pinedo beach from Valencia: Yellow Bus


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