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Bull-Fighting (Corrida de Toros) in Valencia

Bull-fighting (corrida) in ValenciaBull Fighting (Corrida de Toros) in Valencia, Spain

Bull-fighting (corrida) in Valencia is still fairly popular. It is not a regular event, however. Spanish corrida is a deeply traditional event and as such it is linked to religious dates and festivals. Valencia has only three fairly short seasons of bull-fighting.

Plaza de Toros / Corrida seasons

The Plaza de Toros is a spectacular building just by the train station, built a-la Roman amphitheatre. You can have a small look at its interior from the Museum Taurino any time of the year. Most of the year Plaza de Toros is used for various concerts, congregations and cultural events. The actual bull-fighting (corrida) in Valencia takes place three times a year:

Spring Season during Las Fallas, March

Summer Season during the Feria de Julio, July

Autumn Season during October
Programme published on the Bullring's website

There can also be a few bull-fighting spectacles in May

About Bull-fighting

A bull fight is a highly ritualised tradition in Spain. It is a spectacle in full colours, costumes and music. Whatever your views on the moral issues of corrida, this event will leave a deep cultural impression. The corrida is still a very contemporary thing in Spain, although there has been more movement by pressure groups to declare it a backward barbarity. The torreros (bull-fighters) enjoy the same status as foodball stars. They get endorsed by corporations and appear all over the press. However, bull fighting is also about the bull. A bull who fights gets honoured, as well as his owner. Those bulls are of a rare noble breed.

Yes, the bull always gets killed. It may be a difficult decision for you to participate in watching the corrida or not. If you are interested, you can read this:

Bull Fighting (Corrida de Toros) in Valencia, Spain The Question of Ethics - To Watch Or Not To Watch?

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Types of Bull-fighting

There are 3 types of bull-fighting during every season

1. Corrida de Toros
This spectacle is what we usually understand by "corrida". Seasoned and famous matadors fight a bull on foot, aided by three helpers on foot and two on horses. It is the most traditional and glamorous type, and is an obvious choice for your first time.

Bull Fighting (Corrida de Toros) in Valencia, Spain See how it goes in pictures

Bull Fighting (Corrida de Toros) in Valencia, Spain

2. Corrida de Rejones

Here the matador fights the bull from his horse alone, unaided. The corrida goes through the same stages. This type can be more impressive to those who appreciate a good horse rider, as the mastery is amazing. However, it lacks colours and spectacle.

Bull Fighting (Corrida de Toros) in Valencia, Spain

3. Novillada

This is a "poor man's corrida". Novice matadors fight young bulls in a juvenile version of traditional "corrida de toros". Both lack character and skill. However, the tickets are much cheaper.

Bull Fighting (Corrida de Toros) in Valencia, Spain

Most of the season is taken by Corrida de Toros. There are fewer Novilladas and only one or two Corridas de Rejones.

The corrida takes around 2 hours, during which 5 or 6 bulls will be killed.

Prices and Tickets

All bull-rings in the world have a complex pricing system. The tickets range from luxury seats for 120 euros to bare necessity of 7 euros. The main criteria are

1) Sun (sol) or shadow (sombra). The bull-ring is an open space under the sun. It is divided into three sectors - sector sol, sector sombra and sector sol y sombra (you will spend part of the event in the sun and part in the shadow). It is something to consider, sitting for two hours under the scorching Spanish sun. Shadow also means your eyes are comfortable (you don't strain against the sun) and you can take pictures. Besides, traditionally the action on the arena tends to concentrate closer to the shadow sector. You will be as much as twice as far from the action if you sit in the sun.

2) How close to the action you are. The most expensive tickets will have you in the first row, right behind the backs of the torreros. The cheapest will have you right at the top.

Sector Shadow: 120€ (1st row) - 10€ (top, with obstructions)

Sector Sun and Shadow: 50€ - 35€

Sector Sun: 44€ - 12€

Novillada (novices): 25 - 9 € (but normally hardly worth it)

Generally speaking, the seats for 10-12 euros have quite poor views so it is best to go for a golden middle - aim for somewhere around 30-35€ for a very decent viewing.

The tickets are usually on sale a week or two before the start of the season, in the ticket office of Plaza de Torros. You can normally buy a ticket a day or two in advance, although you may only be left with Sector Sol (sector Sombra gets filled quickly in spite of the prices)

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