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Las Fallas: On the Streets

The Fallas are all about the streets. Naturally, at the beginning the main focus of shifting around in crowds is to see the Fallas-Sculptures, but it very quickly becomes merely a participation in communal mayheam. Street musicians, performes, festival food stalls, markets, community tents, paella on the pavement. International crowds mixed with traditionally-dressed Valencians.


Casal Fallero

All the Falla-Communities break out a nomadic camp on their streets. There is usually a large white tent where the falleros will socialise (not available to the outsiders) and plenty of buzz on the street, including cooking paella on the pavement. It is a great atmosphere to mingle in and to speculate on the Valencian way of life.


(="walk the streets"). The falleros love dressing up in full colours and parade the streets with their music bands. During Las Fallas you will see them randomly in many places, led by their own Queens of the Falla. It is a mini version of what happens during the Offer of the Flowers.


A culinary tradition of the Fallas Festival is eating bunuyoles (traditional donuts) with hot chocolate. During Las Fallas these mobile stalls are everywhere.

Street Performers

The Fallas Festival is an obvious time for all kinds of street performers to take to the streets – clowns, dancers, magicians, ethnic bands (especially Latino American) and impersonators, all add to the Fallas atmosphere.


Likewise, all kinds of stalls break out everywhere duirng Las Fallas.


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