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General Tips for Las Fallas

  • If you want to get a good view on any of the scheduled events of the Fallas Festival, be it fireworks, carnivals or burning of the Fallas-Sculptures, get there a good half an hour in advance. Even though everything is in the streets, the Fallas crowds are enormous, the streets during the Nit del Foc, for example, become totally impassable. Particularly bad is the Crema: most Fallas-Sculptures are on crossroads and those get closed off for safety reasons so you may well become cut off from the rest of the city when they start preparing.
  • Book you flights and accommodation well in advance and don’t be surprised to pay prime rates. Las Fallas is a hugely popular festival. Don’t leave it till late. Try to stay central – getting around in a taxi during Las Fallas will be a nightmare, plus the taxis get hugely overbooked.
  • Be prepared to spend. All local businesses capitalise on the Fallas hugely. Daytime cheap menus will disappear, and everything will go up in price.
  • Look around for petards hitting the floor. If you see one, be quick to close your ears. Those things are very potent and may well leave your ears ringing for a while.
  • Don’t come to Valencia in Las Fallas if sudden loud explosions present a health risk.
  • Good comfortable shoes, or you have wasted your flight. Oh, and those you don’t mind to get filthy
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  • Don’t even think of renting a car
  • during Las Fallas

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