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Vocabulary of Las Fallas

Las Fallas - the name of the festival
Falla - a traditional Valencian neighbourhood community
Falla - the sculptures created for the burning in the festival and displayed on the streets.
Falla Infantil - as above, but small - a version for children
Falla Especial - one of the 15 most impressive Falla-Sculptures which are commissioned by the 15 Fallas-Communities with most resources.
Fallero/a - a member of a Falla-Community (male / female)
Casal Fallero - the meeting house for the Falla-Community (during the festival - a tent on the street)
Fallera Mayor - the elected annual Queen of the Falla-Community (also the overall Queen of the festival)
Fallera Mayor Infantil - the equivalent of Fallera Mayor for children
Pasacalle - a parade of falleros through the streets in full colours and with music
Muneco - "doll", an alternative name for the Falla-Sculpture
Ninot - a figurine of the Falla-Sculpture, one of many that compose it.
Mascleta - audio fireworks
Castillo - visual fireworks
Crida - the innauguration ceremony of the festival at the end of February
Crema - the burning of the Fallas

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