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Locations of the Altars in the Fiesta San Vicente Ferrer

One San Vicente Ferrer to unite them all. Those 13 Altars are like some fairy tale challenge. One is in a distant land, Rusafa. Three are meant to exist but we couldn't find them. Two - not even the Tourist Office wizard knows where they are. Another two... well, a bit out of the way for us - so for you too.

Hence, here are the 5 that are all central, easy to find and also the ones likely to get most action. It's more than enough for one day.

The ones we recommend most are marked in red - be there at 5pm. Although we won't guarantee the time.

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Map of Spanish Fiesta San Vicente Ferrer in Valencia, Spain

Altar del Tossal = Plaza Tossal
Altar de la Pila = Plaza de la Virgin
Altar del Mercat = Plaza del Mercado
Altar del Carmen = Plaza del Carmen
Altar del Mar = Plaza Tetuan

Procession Route: Cathedral, Plaza de la Reina, Calle La Paz, Plaza Tetuan, Calle del Mar

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