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Hotspot Locations of Semana Santa Marinera in Valencia

The whole maritime district will be buzzing for the two weeks of Semana Santa Marinera in Valencia. Many, many processions going back and forth on small unknown streets, and big processions in the well-known locations.

It is impossible to tell you the exact routes, there are too many of them. But there are 5 hotspot locations, where every single procession will pass at one point or another. Those are the ones you need to know to be able to enjoy every procession you fancy.

Apart from checking the locations on, you can see our general map of the hotspots with main procession routes.

1. Calle de la Reina
It is the main street of the maritime street and it has incredible architecture (there have even been studies on it by Japanese historians), especially along the northern length. By far not all smaller processions will end up here, but the street is excellent for watching the three big events. It's length gives you an excellent perspective and the number of people make it a festival.
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Then, there are the 4 parishes of the maritime district:

2. The Temple
Semana Santa (Holy Week) Locations in Valencia, SpainBrotherhoods in the parish: 9
The real name is Iglesia de Santa Maria del Mar (the Church of Holy Mary of the Sea) but the locals refer to it as "the maritime Cathedral" or simply "the Temple". As you have guessed, the church is the religious centre of the district, with all major events congregating here. It is a stunning building both inside and outside - the best preserved Rennaisance church in Valencia, with rich ornament of pure gold. In front of the church is a cosy square where the members of processions will socialize before starting - a nice buzz to mingle in. Located on Avenida del Puerto, right at the end.
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3. Iglesia de los Angeles
Brotherhoods in the parish: 9Semana Santa (Holy Week) Locations in Valencia, Spain
This is the religious focus of the Northern part of the maritime district. Neo-classical church with a colonial feel in front of a cosy square. The second busiest place in the district during the Semana Santa. Located on Plaza de los Angeles.
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4. Iglesia del Rosario
Semana Santa (Holy Week) Locations in Valencia, SpainBrotherhoods in the parish: 5
This cute church is a short walk from the Temple, in front of a just as cute a square. The neo-classical interior is also amazing, very recently restored. The Rosario square is great for a more intimate, cosy feel to the processions. Located on Plaza del Rosario.
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5. Iglesia San Rafael
Semana Santa (Holy Week) Locations in Valencia, SpainBrotherhoods in the Parish: 5
Probably the least known church in the district, it is also the least active hotspot during the Semana Santa, and only marginally enters into the 5 hotspots. There won't be that many processions around here. However, it is worth a visit - the doll-house-castle architecture is stunning and impossible to classify. Like many houses on the calle la Reina, this church is a work of art. Located on la Reina, as it is crossed by Avenida Mediterraneo.
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