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The Imagenes of Semana Santa in Valencia

Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Valencia, Spain
The Imagenes ("images") are sculptures of a Passion Scene elevated on a richly decorated platform (trono anda = "walking throne") and pushed by a group of followers.

They are are the most sacred part of the procession. This is what most processions are about - moving imagenes to a church, from a church, showing them to the crowds, putting them together to symbolise an event, etc.

They are a snapshot of the Passion. And most of them are genuine artworks - created by famous artists. Do try to see them - they are stunning: not a sclupture, not a painting, something in between, very powerful and emotional.

The imagenes are the main actors of the procession - they tell the story while the members stay silent.

Different processions have different days because they have different imagenes. For example, the Brotherhoods who take to the streets on Friday of Pain of the Mother are those who have the Virgin as their imagenes. The imagenes are the very essence of a Brotherhood, the embodiment of their purpose.

The entire two weeks of Easter are a structured sequence of imagenes.

And in the collective Procession of the Holy Burial on Good Friday, they appear in a full sequence and silently tell the entire story. It is also the only chance to see them all together in one place.

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Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Valencia, Spain


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