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Los Reyes Magos - Fiesta in Valencia [5 Jan]
The Three Kings


What it is about

Christmas Fiesta for children Three Kings in Valencia, SpainThe Three Kings is a Christmas celebration. On the actual Chirstmas Day not much happens in Spain - a family meal with friends and a few small gifts of money. But all the presents for Kids are brought by the Three Kings on 5th of January. In this country, Santa has to share the market with Them. And They dont sneak around in chimneys, They gracefully enter the city and create a revolution.

To see:

- a spectacular carnival of the Kings' entry

- the city taken over by children

- nightlife till dawn

- large Xmas market at night

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What happens

Christmas Fiesta for children Three Kings in Valencia, SpainAt about 5 o'clock the Kings' ships dock at the port. To the screams of the crowd the King's rapid assault force moves through the city on foot, under a police escort, throwing sweets and toys to kids. At the same time, the army of kids take control of the city around a spectacular carnival in the centre - endless circuses, guards, floats parade through the streets. You will be heavily bombarded by sweets and toys flying off those floats, and you have never seen so many children sreaming of joy.

About 2-3 hours later the city surrenders completely and the Kings enter Plaza de Ayntamento in full convoy - guards, dancers, torches, chests of presents solemnly carried by King's servants. All that in a whole spectacle of colours, costumes and props. The army of chidren goes wild.

Finally, the Kings come out onto the City Hall's balcony and address the nation of thousands of children below them.
- You shall be good kids!
The crowd goes wild.
- You shall tidy your rooms!
The crowd is in frenzy.
- You shall eat vegetables!
The Revolution has happened.
Christmas Fiesta for children Three Kings in Valencia, Spain See pictures

The Kings' Route

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Christmas Fiesta for children Three Kings in Valencia, SpainThen the Kings proceed to give out free presents inside the City Hall. But you do have to queue a lot.

On these days all families finally exchange presents which were supposedly brought by the Kings.

As for adults... the Spanish need little excuse to party. And this is a BIG excuse. Plus the next day is, of course, a day off. Take your pick in the city at night, there will be "Los Reyes" special nights in all nightlife venues and they will end long after the sun is up.

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