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Where to Stay in Valencia

Hotels, Hostels, Apartments in Valencia, SpainThe Beach / Port
The area has a few good quality, and even luxury, hotels. It is best to stay here if you can't live without the views of the sea or if you intend you holiday to be heavily beach-based. If, however, your plan is to go to the beach once or twice and to explore the city for the rest of your trip, then you may find yourself a bit frustrated staying here - although the centre is not that far, everything is in the centre and the beach/port area is not particularly vibrant.

Naturally, America's Cup visitors are best staying here.

Advantages: beach, America's cup, quiet
Disadvantages: boring

The Centre
The centre is the best of all words if you are not too beach focused. You can still easily get to the beach and back but you will appreciate staying in the centre of things to explore the city and not having to spend time and money getting around the place. Everything is either in the centre or close to it - sights, eating, nightlife, shopping, culture.
Advantages: close to the best of the city, close to all events
Disadvantages: far from the beach and can be noisy

The City of Arts and Sciences is surrounded by good hotels. It has become an upmarket area with shopping malls and chic skyscrapers. However, there isn't much else around it and the area is not too well connected to the rest of the city. However, it is half way between the centre and the beach and if you are prepared to spend on taxis, you could enjoy that.

Advantages: great view, half-way between the centre and the beach (for taxis)
Disadvantages: not much happening around and public transport is awkward


Also sometimes called "Congesos" area. The area has a few luxury hotels mainly for the business traveller, since it is very close to the Palacio de Congressos and Feria de Valencia (Trade Fair). If you are not on a business trip, however, you will be very far from everything.

Anywhere else
There are also hotels in L'Example, in Aragon, in the North West of the city, but those locations don't offer any advantages.

Bottom line: the centre is the best of all worlds if your vacation is not 100% beach or business

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