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Un Sur - Night Club in Canovas,Valencia, Spain

Nightlife, bars, clubs, pubs and discos in Canovas, Valencia

Size: medium for a club
Dance Floor: medium

Music: pop, rock, comm dance, R&B, 80s, a non-standard line-up

Crowd: mainstreem weekenders, mixed ages, tipsy, happy, friendly.
Dress: nothing too strict but don't take the piss (e.g. flip flops and vests)

Sociability: a normal place with friendly partying Spaniards

Nightlife, bars, night-clubs, pubs and discos in Canovas, Valencia, Spain

location of this pub, bar or club in Valencia Paginas Amarillas
20 C/ Maestro Gozalbo
Near: Ruzafa

prices of this pub, bar or club in Valencia entrance 12€
look for flyers in Canovas - with flyer free before 3.30am, and 9€ after.
5 beer 275 bottle
8€ spirit/mixer

opening times of this pub, bar or club in Valencia Fri, Sat only
7pm - 7.30am

Canovas Map

In the mainstream Canovas Un Sur is as original as the mainstream gets. A very high quality night-club, yet small, cosy, warm and welcoming. Although the music is a pop party, the DJ doesn't think you are dumb and goes for it with good taste. Commercial dance, rock, pop, R&B, 80s, whatever else gets you going, all with an original approach, not doing the same formula as everyone else. A perfect night-club for pop-lovers. The public is happy, relaxed and friendly, your normal weekend crowd arriving at 4am fairly tipsy. Un Sur is generally a pleasant, light and classy way to end the night, at 10 min walk from the Canovas epicentre. Look for small orange card-flyers in Canovas - they will save you the entry fee. One place to definitely find them is Coco Loco.


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