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Cafe Carioca - Disco-Bar in Juan Llorens, Valencia, Spain

Cafe Carioca - Nightlife, bars, night-clubs, pubs and discos in Juan Llorens Valencia

Sun, Mon: funky, pop
Tue, Wed: 70s, 80s
Thu: extra dancy
Fri, Sat: the usual mix (see below) of everything

Size: large
Dance Floor: medium

Music: Pop. R&B, 70s, 80s, funky, commr house

Crowd: cosmopolitan, mixed age, easy-going
Dress: weekend neat

Sociability: very friendly

Nightlife, bars, night-clubs, pubs and discos in Juan Llorens, Valencia

location of this pub, bar or club in Valencia Paginas Amarillas
48 Juan Llorens
Juan Llorens

prices of this pub, bar or club in Valencia free entry
Disco-Bar Prices

opening times of this pub, bar or club in Valencia everyday till 4am

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Cafe Carioca has been going for millenia and has perfected its style to give you a night to remember. It is a very well-known bar, from the makers of the legendary La Indiana, always busy, and there is a reason for it. Cafe Carioca is friendly, welcoming, trendy yet unpretentious, typically Spanish yet eclectic, mainstream yet diverse. It seems that anyone at all, of what ever age or culture, can have a good time in this bar to the end - Cafe Carioca is one of the few cosmopolitan places in Juan Llorens. While Carioca is firmly pop / mainstream, it is not a static club, providing a range of different club nights in this key. You can hear a wider range of pop than usual, with a lot of it Western, electronic and R&B, mixed by the DJs who really know their clubbers. The bar itself is also a marvel - a dark, deliciously disorienting crypt full of UV lights. Cafe Carioca is generally a bar that knows its pop nightlife thoroughly and has brought all elements of it up to the top level. Don't forget to check out the toilets!


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