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Budget Eating in Valencia

Menu del diaAdvice on Eating on a Budget in Valencia, Spain

Many restaurants and bars will offer a lunchtime menu (usually between 1 pm and 3-4 pm, Monday to Friday). You will get a three course meal with usually a few options to choose from, for anywhere from 6 euros, depending on the bar / restaurant. Average price is around 9-12 euros. Sometimes getting a menu del dia is cheaper than an average main course there. Granted, the portions will be smaller than the same dish ordered from the menu, but alltogether you will have a proper meal.

Menu del dia is an absolute must at lunchtime during the week. It would be foolish to miss out on the deal, since even the higher bracket restaurants offer them too, bar only the very exclusive ones.

Bocadillos Advice on Eating on a Budget in Valencia, Spain

The tapas are not budget eating by any means, although logically you would expect them to be. A bocadillo (another original Valencian invention) is a poor man's tapa - a large slightly toasted baguette filled with a tapa. They are available pretty much anywhere for about 2-3 euros.

Panaderias / Horno Advice on Eating on a Budget in Valencia, Spain

The bakers have large selections of delicious pastry and cakes. They can be quite filling and cheap - 1-1.50 euros each. The most popular types are york/queso (cheese and ham) and pisto (a mixture of tomato, peppers and fish)



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