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100 Montaditos - Tapas bar in Valencia, Spain

Tapas: 100 of their own flavours

Ambience: large bar
Clientele: wide range, many young

100 Montaditos - Tapas bar in Valencia, Spain. 100 different Spanish tapas at 1 euro each.

location of this tapas bar in Valencia Paginas Amarillas
16 Pz de la Reina

prices in this tapas bar in Valencia 1€ each montadito

opening times of this tapas bar in Valencia everyday
10am - 12am


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100 Montaditos is a great idea for a great price. There is a list of 100 various fillings (made out of tapas) to go with mini-toy-baguettes, accompanied by potato crisps. Each montadito is only 1 euro, and although they are indeed small, this is a good place to try various Spanish flavours. That said, this establishment has its own ways of preparing the tapas - although they are delicious, they are in the world of their own and won't normally reflect the typical Spanish tapas. I.e. if you want to try a typical Spanish chorizo, the chorizo here will be something slightly different, although just as great. 100 Montaditos is popular with younger groups and a mixture of passers-by, somehat like a fast food place, although this is where the comparison ends - the venue is very stylishly decorated and the service is great.


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