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Where To Eat in Valencia

Walking around hungry is no fun. A few bright lights doesn't mean you will find a whole range of cuisines in a few metres. Valencia' Old Town is quite confusing and we strongly advise you to have a look through our listings, especially if you look for something specific.

The Centre

Although restaurants are everywhere, there are several areas where the density is higher:

Around Plaza de la Reina
Around Plaza de la Virgin and eastern C/ Caballeros
Between Pz Ayuntamento and C/ Colon - a busy shopping promenade with a number of restaurants, mainly Spanish and Valencian
Beetween Cathedral and La Lonja - various restaurants, although navigating those streets can be hard
C/ Roteros - quite a few closely placed restaurants by Torres Serranos.


Zona Canovas south of Gran Via Marques del Turia is a very short walk from the centre and it is packed with restaurants. This area has probably the most cosmopolitan selection of restaurants in Valencia, where you can find absolutely any cuisine. Particularly busy are Calle Conde Altea, Calle Salamanca, Calle Ciscar and Calle Burriana.

The Beach

There are regularly positioned restaurants along the whole length of the beaches. However, to find maximum choice (and some well known names in Valencia) go to the Southern end - Playa Las Arenas. The promenade is called Paseo Neptuno and it is right next to the luxury Las Arenas resort complex. A good 20 or so restaurants are packed together just where the beach ends and the America's Cup Port starts.

CAS / Avenida Francia / Avenida del Puerto

This is not a very touristy area but many hotels are here, so we thought you might like some advice.

If you are at the top of Avenida del Puerto, you will have a good choice in the cluster between Cardenal Benlloch and the southern end of Avenida Aragon.

If you are at the bottom of Avenida del Puerto, you might as well walk down to the Paseo Neptuno restaurants on the beach (see above)

If you are in the middle, or along the Avenida Francia, it is more complicated. We hope these maps will help.



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