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Souvenirs from Valencia

Valencian CeramicsValencian ceramics, dress, delicacies and other souvenirs for your shopping in Valencia

Valencia is famous for its ceramics and proud of it. It probably makes the most decriptive souvenir from the city.

Some ceramic items will always be available in average souvenir shops, but to have a larger choice of more Valencian ceramics you could go to the specialized shops. Plaza Redonda is full of shops that cell souvenir Valencian ceramics only. There is also Bazar Merkat - a small shop by Mercado Central that claims to have the cheapest geniune Valencian ceramics from Manises due to some family ties.

The Usual

Keyrings, t-shirts, landmark miniatures, dolls, postacrds, etc, are available in a few shops between Mercado Central and Plaza Ayntamento. There are also a couple of shops in the passage between Plaza de la Virgin and Plaza de la Reina. The most representative themes are miniatures of the Bullring, Torres de Serranos, la Lonja, El Micalet, plus the statuettes of the Virgin of the Forsaken (the revered local patron) and figurines / dolls of the traditionally dressed Valencian couples. All these themes are also all over the rest of the merchandise, such as cups, keyrings etc. These shops will also have a selection of a larger Spain souvenir themes, such as bull-fighting or flamenco.

Valencian ceramics, dress, delicacies and other souvenirs for your shopping in ValenciaWine, cheese and ham

Some wines, cheeses and hams are specific to Valencian region and they are also excellent, making a nice small treat for someone back home who appreciates food and wine. Again, they are not hard to find - you will see plenty of places on the streets of Valencia. Just ask them to show what is from around here. The wines of Valencia are of supreme quality and deserve a little research - have a look at WinesOfValencia.

Expensive Souvenirs

If you have a thousand or a few thousand euros to spend on a really impressive souvenir from Valencia, here are a couple of options:

Valencian dress
Typical Valencian dress is a whole spectacle, considered the richest traditional dress in the whole of Spain. The average price for a dress like this is between 1000 and 2000 euros, with more impressive items going into a few thousands. But if that is not a problem for you, you won't find a more gorgeous souvenir in the whole of Spain. You will pass many shops in the Centro where those can be bought, especially behind Plaza del Ayuntamento.

Valencian ceramics, dress, delicacies and other souvenirs for your shopping in ValenciaLladro Porcelain Art
The Lladro (pronounced "yadro") porcelain art is simply the highest end of ceramic art in a city famous for its ceramics. It is the Mozart of the trade worldwide. The Lladro figuirnes are internationally famous vision in design, for incredible detail, for impeccable work with paint, for a very special combination with light, and for the emotional impact. This is not really souvenir buying - this is art purchase, with the prices to suit - the smallest and simplest piece will start at 100 euros. While many people buy them from boutiques in Moscow, New York, London, etc, you have a chance to buy them in the place where Lladro was born and where it is still produced. You could also take a tour of the City of Porcelain.


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