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Where To Shop

Central Shopping

There are more or less defined areas in the centre where you can shop for souvenirs, fashion and jewellry. See map here.

Shopping malls

The shopping malls in Valencia are large and diverse. They can probably answer all your needs, so perhaps that is the first place to look if your budget is not too tight.

High Street Shopping

Your high street areas are Calle Jorge Juan by Mercado Colon, Calle Colon, Calle don Juan Austria and the space between them. Jewelry, expensive clothes, shoes, perfumes etc.

Budget Shopping

Budget shops are hard to come by in the centre but if you look hard enough you can find the prices that suit a more remote district.

Residential areas
Outside of the centre you can, naturally, shop cheap - the more residential the district the lower the prices, but you will be hard pressed to find something original and/or good quailty. It will be mainly standard unimaginative stuff. Another problem is that shops in residential areas tend to be spread out.

You could also try the markets. Again, the cheap prices will reflect originality and/or quailty of items. The markets are often full of stalls and stalls selling practically identical things.

Chinese Shops
These are excellent when you don't care about quality. You can buy practically anything, a space shuttle if you want to, and for a fraction of the usual price. Do expect a quality disaster though. The chinese shops are spread throughout the city. In the centre, there are a few just opposite Mercado Central.

Wacky Shopping

For some strange and wacky shops start at Mercado Central and venture into Carmen.

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