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Travel to / from Valencia by Boat / Ferry

Boat and Ferry to Ibiza, Palma, Mallorca from Valencia and DeniaValencia is only a few hours away by sea from Ibiza and Mallorca and it is very well connected. From those islands you can travel further to other islands or to Barcelona. This is very organised transport which many local from the islands rely on.

The ferries carry vehicles and provide accommodation onboard.

There are two options for Ibiza - to go from Valencia itself, or from Denia - a small beach town on the Costa Blanca, 2-3 hours drive / bus from Valencia. The trip from Denia usually works out faster and cheaper.

Prices and Timetables fluctuate greatly with seasons. See the websites below for today's rates and times. There isn't anyone who is consistently a better deal - they all try to beat each other with various promotions. if you are with a vehicle, it will be much cheaper to go from Denia. Don't fall for the offer of a faster ferry - it will be a miniscule difference, unless it is a direct one with no stops (a fast ferry gets close to a slow ferry when it has to enter various ports on the way).

There are three carriers in Valencia (listed below). They all have an online booking facility in English, an English-speaking helpline and a ticket office in the Port if you prefer it the old-fashioned way. However, the distances in the Port are huge and , bar Transmediterranea, unless you are in a vehicle or a taxi, it is unrealistic and ugly. Besides, it is so unusual not use the booking facility (which have been tuned to a good level) that the ferries pretty much assume you will book online or by phone - do it, it's easy.

Transmediterranea - Boat and Ferry to Ibiza, Palma, Mallorca from Valencia and Denia Acciona Transmediterranea
The most popular carrier. Valencia - Palma de Mallorca, Valencia - Ibiza, Valencia - Mahon, Denia - Ibiza.
Bookings: 902 45 46 45
Balearia - Boat and Ferry to Ibiza, Palma, Mallorca from Valencia and Denia Balearia
Valencia - Palma de Mallorca, Denia - Ibiza.
Bookings: 902 160 180. International: +34 96 642 87 00
Office in Valencia: 96 367 1483
Iscomar - Boat and Ferry to Ibiza, Palma, Mallorca from Valencia and Denia Iscomar
Valencia - Palma de Mallorca, Denia - Ibiza.
Bookings: 902 119 128 International +34 97 143 7500
Office in Valencia: 96 324 2714

Ferry Locations in the Port

Once you enter the port, all three docks will be well sign-posted. But here's a brief description. As you enter through the only vehicle entrance at the Sout-Western side of the Port, immediately to the right is a roundabout. It will have three exits. As you enter the roundabout at 2o'clock will be the exit leading to Balearia, at 11 o'clock the exit to Transmediterranea (it is actually pretty much right on the roundabout, but you will have to take that exit if you are with a vehicle), and at 9 o'clock the exit to Iscomar.

Balearia and Iscomar are both at quite a distance. To get to Balearia you will have to carry on for about 1.5 km to the third pier along this side of the port, and for Iscomar you will be crossing the port to the other side over a bridge, and carying on south for a few more hundred metres.

All three companies are different piers (muelles) for easy reference:

Acciona Transmediterranea - Muelle de Poniente (Pier)

Balearia - Muelle de Turia - also known as Muelle del Sur (Pier)

Iscomar - Muelle de Levante (Pier)


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